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It’s Launch Time at Flamingo Paperie

It’s Launch Time at Flamingo Paperie

flamingo paperie launchHip Hip Hooray! The Flamingos have flown!

It’s been a long time coming but our fabulous new range of Flamingo Paperie products are now designed, printed and ready to dispatch. If you would like a printed brochure, please message me via the Contact Form below. Alternatively you can browse the new Flamingo Paperie online catalogue.

You can order direct with me, Sarah Loves Cards by :

Phone : 01202 823330

Email : .

Or post, delivery will cost £2.80 unless you live in my home town of Verwood, Dorset where delivery is FREE.

Order Online Now

If you prefer to shop online you’ll be delighted to hear that my Flamingo Paperie E-Commerce Website is LIVE now too. The company will deliver all online orders directly to you from the company warehouse. Please be aware that, during this launch period, orders will take more than the normal 3-5 working days.

FREE delivery for Online Orders over £30!

There will be no delivery cost if your online order comes to more than £30.

Product Discounts

Flamingo Paperie Greeting Cards still offer fabulous value at £2 each. When you buy 10 or more you will pay just £1.60 per card! That’s a saving of 40p per card!

Order a Flamingo Paperie Brochure.

If you’d prefer to have a brochure delivered to you, please either contact me through Facebook or complete the Contact Form below.

Would you like me to bring my stock to your home or work place?

Invite your friends around to take a look and earn a commission as a thank you. Or I could visit your work canteen and donate a percentage of takings to your chosen charity.

Easter Gift Wrapping ideas (Updated 2017)

easter treat ideas

Isn’t Easter a lovely time of year? Beautiful Spring flowers are everywhere brightening up our lives and after three long cold months we are at last catching a glimpse of the better weather to come. Over the weekend, just like at Christmas, families will gather and exchange gifts; often of flowers or chocolate eggs. Unfortunately, whilst people will go to town wrapping birthday and Christmas presents, Easter gift wrapping is often an after thought. Easter Eggs are frequently handed over either unwrapped – or in a carrier bag!

Picture of Easter Wishes Card from Phoenix Trading

Easter Gift Wrapping : 

It need not be the case! Here at Phoenix Trading we have a fabulous choice of wrapping materials: quality gift wrap of many beautiful designs exclusive to Phoenix Trading with grid lines on the back to help you cut straight lines; cellophane wrap with dots or stars on; plus tissue and organza ribbon in an array of Spring colours.

These two Easter eggs took just 15 minutes to wrap.

picture of Easter wrapping using Phoenix dotty celllophane wrap

You will need :

  • One roll of dotty white cello (Code RWC01: £2.75)
  • Yellow tissue ( Code: TS11 : 5 sheets for £1.50)
  • Yellow organza ribbon (Code: RS 20: £3.75 for 6 metres).

Simply wrap the Easter egg in one sheet of tissue, securing the bottom but leaving the top open. Pull together the top of the tissue like the end of a  cracker and tie with a short length of organza.  Cut 1 metre of cellophane (half of the roll) and stand the wrapped egg in the centre. Scrunch the cellophane up around the top of the egg in the same position as you tied the tissue and tie tight with a short length of organza. Cut a longer length of organza and tie over the previous length forming a bow. Fan out the top of the tissue and cellophane.

Easter wrapping using tissue and organza from Phoenix Trading

Tie one of our lovely gift tags to the ribbon (Price : 25p).
Alternatively you could add one of our beautiful little duckling note cards (Code: B034: 90p).

Easter Treat Idea

Add a twist to your Easter Egg hunt! You can buy a pack of five of these fabulous mini-boxes for just £3.50. Fill them with mini-eggs and sweet treats and hide them around the house and garden.

Picture of Colour-in Easter Tablecloth

This colour-in Easter tablecloth is excellent value and will keep little ones entertained for hours. No longer available online as they are sold out at head office I have a limited stock available for the sale price of £4. Please call me on 01202 823330 to order.

To purchase any of the above products click on the individual product links above or click on the following link to view all products: Buy online : Sarah Loves Cards

Valentines Cards – Where did they come from?

Did you know that more than 1 billion Valentines Cards will exchange hands throughout the world this year? That makes Valentines Day the second biggest card sending occasion after Christmas!

So how did all this start? :

There are loads of myths circulating on the web but I will share my favourite:

Apparently February has, for centuries, been celebrated as the month of romance. Some believe that Valentines Day is celebrated in the middle of February to commemorate the death of St Valentine. Valentine was a priest in Rome during the 3rd century. Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than married ones so he outlawed marriage for young men – nice!! Valentine defied Claudius and conducted marriage ceremonies in secret. When he was discovered he was put to death. Before his death it is alleged that he sent a letter to a young girl that he had fallen in love with during his imprisonment (believed to be his jailor’s daughter). He signed the letter “From your Valentine”.

bird cage valentine day cards

By the Middle Ages Valentine had become one of the most popular Saints in England and France. Although Valentines greetings were popular at this time, written Valentines did not appear until the 14th century. The oldest Valentine still in existence was written by Charles Duke of Orleans whilst a prisoner in the Tower of London. It was a poem for his wife – ahhhhh!

i love you valentine day card

By the middle of the 18th century it was common for friends and lovers to exchange small tokens of affection on Valentines Day or handwritten notes. Printed cards began to regularly replace letters when print technology improved in the 1900s. The oldest Valentine Card, however, is believed to be on display at the British Museum. It is a lace effect card published in 1797 and is covered in cupids, doves and flowers which were probably hand coloured after printing.

The card has a verse printed around the edge which reads :

Since on this ever Happy day,
All Nature’s full of Love and Play
Yet harmless still if my design,
 ‘Tis but to be your Valentine.

The card was sent by Catherine Mossday to Mr Brown of Dover Place, Kent Road, London.

happy valentines day card

The handwritten message inside reads :

Mr Brown,
As I have repeatedly requested you to come I think you must have some reason for not complying with my request, but as I have something particular to say to you I could wish you make it all agreeable to come on Sunday next without fail and in doing you will oblige your well wisher.
Catherine Mossday.

Now that young lady certainly knew her own mind!

Hearts and Flowers Valentine Day Cards

I’m afraid that text, Facebook and e-mail Valentines aren’t quite the same.

If you live in or around Verwood I have a basket of very pretty original designs that you just wont find in the shops. I also have some lovely heart giftwrap and beautiful sparkly gemstone deep pink or red tissue. Pop around day or evening to take a look.

Alternatively you can buy on my website at Sarah Loves Cards but please allow a minimum of three working days for delivery.