Goodbye Phoenix Trading, Hello Sarah Loves Cards

closing of Phoenix Trading

Goodbye Phoenix Trading

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news! As of the end of this month, Phoenix Trading will no longer exist. The company, in fact, ceased trading on Tuesday 15th August due to financial difficulties. Head office will, however,  remain open for a couple more weeks whilst staff despatch the final orders and tie up loose ends.

Unfortunately the demise of Phoenix Trading means that I can no longer operate as an Independent Phoenix Trader. I’ve been very lucky to have been a distributor with this great company for over 12 years. I have met some wonderful people and have made good friends along the way.

Thank Ewe Greeting Card

I’d like to thank all of my loyal friends and customers for supporting my little card business.

I have always loved the company’s ethos and the fact that all of its products were designed and printed in the UK. The wood was sourced from the Scottish managed forests. Every card could be traced back to the tree that it came from. My goal for my own company is to stick to this ethos.

Most noteworthy is the fact that Phoenix Trading has done so much good. Over the years it has donated in excess of £2 million to charitable causes , through its charitable trust The Phoenix International Charity. It is unclear at the moment whether The Phoenix International Charity will continue.Sarah Loves Cards Championing British Art and Design

Hello SarahLovesCards :

So what now I hear you ask? Well, I am delighted to confirm that my own business SarahLovesCards will continue to operate. I have purchased a large stock of Phoenix Trading products. Customers can, therefore, continue to purchase Phoenix cards from me for the foreseeable future. I also plan to retail cards and paper stationery from other British companies with a similar ethos to Phoenix. All of the products that I stock will match the quality of Phoenix Cards and will offer the same good value for money.

Hopefully, over the next few months we will see a new Phoenix rising from the ashes. If it does, I will supply their products too.

I will keep you posted as my new business unfolds. The first step in the relaunch of my new business has been the unveiling of this fabulous new logo above, designed by Indigo Fox.

My website design will gradually change as well as the new business unfolds. It’s a case of “watch this space”. In the meantime, if you need to restock your card draw, please contact me via this link to my Facebook Business Page.


  1. Alexandra Bridges says:

    Hi would you please be able to send me a catalogue of yours.

  2. Alexandra Bridges says:

    Please could you send me your catalogue

  3. Heidi says:

    Sarah! Are you taking artwork from artists? I used to supply Phoenix with mine!

    If you aren’t, can you recommend anyone?

    Thank you!


    • Hi Heidi.
      Flamingo Paperie are looking for new artists. If you click on the tab about artists on my ecommerce website you will see instructions about how to contact them. Please mention that you came via me.
      Kind Regards

  4. Hello Sarah – could you please put me onto someone in NZ who is taking over from Phoenix Treading in the same way that you are in the UK.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Barbara. Thank you for your enquiry. Can I suggest that you contact Flamingo Paperie customer services on and they will put you in touch with somebody in NZ. The other option is that you could become a Flamingo Paperie Partner yourself. I don’t currently have anybody in my team in New Zealand. if you would like to discuss this further please contact me.

  5. Me again, I am after Note Cards with the following design numbers:
    m114, m91, m101, m85….

  6. Emma Weston says:

    Hello do you do a broader range than old phoenix/flamingo as above, when I click on your online link takes me to flamingo? If you have an online or e-catalogue would be great thanks Emma

  7. Liz says:

    Please call me. I would like to talk to you about visiting a care home re Christmas cards etc.

    • Hi Liz. My apologies. My website failed to message me when you left your comment. Although it is too late now for getting Christmas cards to you I may be able to organise a stock basket. Can you please email me with details of the location of your care home and number of staff and residents. My email address is SARAH.L.GIFFORD@GMAIL.COM . Kind Regards Sarah

  8. Liz Kendall says:

    Could you send me a brochure please
    33 Fieldgate Lane
    CV8 1BT
    Liz Kendall

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