Goodbye Phoenix Trading, Hello Sarah Loves Cards

closing of Phoenix Trader

Goodbye Phoenix Trading

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news! As of the end of this month, Phoenix Trading will no longer exist. The company, in fact, ceased trading on Tuesday 15th August due to financial difficulties. Head office will, however,  remain open for a couple more weeks whilst staff despatch the final orders and tie up loose ends.

Unfortunately the demise of Phoenix Trading means that I can no longer operate as an Independent Phoenix Trader. I’ve been very lucky to have been a distributor with this great company for over 12 years. I have met some wonderful people and have made good friends along the way.

Thank Ewe Greeting Card

I’d like to thank all of my loyal friends and customers for supporting my little card business.

I have always loved the company’s ethos and the fact that all of its products were designed and printed in the UK. The wood was sourced from the Scottish managed forests. Every card could be traced back to the tree that it came from. My goal for my own company is to stick to this ethos.

Most noteworthy is the fact that Phoenix Trading has done so much good. Over the years it has donated in excess of £2 million to charitable causes , through its charitable trust The Phoenix International Charity. It is unclear at the moment whether The Phoenix International Charity will continue.Sarah Loves Cards Championing British Art and Design

Hello SarahLovesCards :

So what now I hear you ask? Well, I am delighted to confirm that my own business SarahLovesCards will continue to operate. I have purchased a large stock of Phoenix Trading products. Customers can, therefore, continue to purchase Phoenix cards from me for the foreseeable future. I also plan to retail cards and paper stationery from other British companies with a similar ethos to Phoenix. All of the products that I stock will match the quality of Phoenix Cards and will offer the same good value for money.

Hopefully, over the next few months we will see a new Phoenix rising from the ashes. If it does, I will supply their products too.

I will keep you posted as my new business unfolds. The first step in the relaunch of my new business has been the unveiling of this fabulous new logo above, designed by Indigo Fox.

My website design will gradually change as well as the new business unfolds. It’s a case of “watch this space”. In the meantime, if you need to restock your card draw, please contact me via this link to my Facebook Business Page.

Easter Gift Wrapping ideas (Updated 2017)

easter treat ideas

Isn’t Easter a lovely time of year? Beautiful Spring flowers are everywhere brightening up our lives and after three long cold months we are at last catching a glimpse of the better weather to come. Over the weekend, just like at Christmas, families will gather and exchange gifts; often of flowers or chocolate eggs. Unfortunately, whilst people will go to town wrapping birthday and Christmas presents, Easter gift wrapping is often an after thought. Easter Eggs are frequently handed over either unwrapped – or in a carrier bag!

Picture of Easter Wishes Card from Phoenix Trading

Easter Gift Wrapping : 

It need not be the case! Here at Phoenix Trading we have a fabulous choice of wrapping materials: quality gift wrap of many beautiful designs exclusive to Phoenix Trading with grid lines on the back to help you cut straight lines; cellophane wrap with dots or stars on; plus tissue and organza ribbon in an array of Spring colours.

These two Easter eggs took just 15 minutes to wrap.

picture of Easter wrapping using Phoenix dotty celllophane wrap

You will need :

  • One roll of dotty white cello (Code RWC01: £2.75)
  • Yellow tissue ( Code: TS11 : 5 sheets for £1.50)
  • Yellow organza ribbon (Code: RS 20: £3.75 for 6 metres).

Simply wrap the Easter egg in one sheet of tissue, securing the bottom but leaving the top open. Pull together the top of the tissue like the end of a  cracker and tie with a short length of organza.  Cut 1 metre of cellophane (half of the roll) and stand the wrapped egg in the centre. Scrunch the cellophane up around the top of the egg in the same position as you tied the tissue and tie tight with a short length of organza. Cut a longer length of organza and tie over the previous length forming a bow. Fan out the top of the tissue and cellophane.

Easter wrapping using tissue and organza from Phoenix Trading

Tie one of our lovely gift tags to the ribbon (Price : 25p).
Alternatively you could add one of our beautiful little duckling note cards (Code: B034: 90p).

Easter Treat Idea

Add a twist to your Easter Egg hunt! You can buy a pack of five of these fabulous mini-boxes for just £3.50. Fill them with mini-eggs and sweet treats and hide them around the house and garden.

Picture of Colour-in Easter Tablecloth

This colour-in Easter tablecloth is excellent value and will keep little ones entertained for hours. No longer available online as they are sold out at head office I have a limited stock available for the sale price of £4. Please call me on 01202 823330 to order.

To purchase any of the above products click on the individual product links above or click on the following link to view all products: Buy online : Sarah Loves Cards

Let’s tell our loved ones we’re thinking of them

phoenix trading pack

Receiving a handwritten card generates positive feelings of wellbeing : 


Scientists have proven that sending cards generates positive feelings of wellbeing. Receiving a handwritten card creates a warm boost to your mood. It makes you feel far more special than receiving texts, email or Facebook messages. For this reason, Phoenix Trading is supporting the Greeting Card Association’s Thinking Of You Week in 2016 (26 Sept-2 Oct).

thinking of you week

Help Create a Wave of Happiness :

The idea is to create a wave of love, caring and happiness by sending a card to a different person each day during this special week. Royal Mail has even designed a special postmark which will be printed on every item of stamped post sent during the week!

To make this task even easier, Phoenix Trading has pulled together a special pack of seven gorgeous designs which you can purchase for just £8.40. That’s just £1.20 per card giving you a total saving of £3.85 compared with their normal retail price. In addition, Phoenix Trading will donate £1 from the sale of each pack to mental health charity MIND.

According to mental health charity MIND :

“Every year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem. But hundreds of thousands of people are still struggling. We believe no-one should have to face a mental health problem alone.”

thinking of you week phoenix trading

Even celebrities suffer mental health problems :

Many high profile celebrities have admitted to suffering from mental health problems: Hugh Lawrie and Stephen Fry to name but a few. The new series of Cold Feet has tackled the problem of mental illness head on. Character Peter Gifford unravels emotionally on the screen before us unbeknown to his friends and family.

My Personal Experience :

With the exception of a few sleepless nights and the odd panic attack and bad day, I have been lucky enough not to suffer from depression myself. I have, however, experienced its devastating effect at first hand. My husband has battled with bipolar for over twenty years and my daughter has recently been diagnosed with severe anxiety and an eating disorder. My son also suffered depression and had counselling following a bout of bullying at school a few years ago. Unfortunately, such cases are very common. I have countless other family members and friends who have experienced similar problems. It’s so important that they feel supported and understood.

The Science :

Cognitive neuroscientist Dr Lynda Shaw believes that receiving cards helps to stave off feelings of loneliness and isolation, increases self esteem and can even help to ward off the early signs of depression.

Let’s help the Greeting Card Association create their wave of happiness by sending a card each day during Thinking Of You Week.

Who do you know who needs a boost?

To purchase our special pack of seven cards visit: Sarah Loves Cards