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What Happened to Flamingo Paperie?

Image of a sad flamingoFlamingo Paperie logo

Flamingo Paperie will sadly cease trading on the 31st May 2023

Official Customer Notification From The Directors of Flamingo Paperie

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your, in some cases, decades of support for our special brand of cards and stationery.

Since we started our direct-selling card business, back in 1995 (as Pack of Cards, then Phoenix Trading and finally, Flamingo Paperie), we have sold over 100 million cards and raised just short of £2 million for charities and good causes. Over these years, we have Partnered with over 50,000 Traders/Partners and hundreds and hundreds of talented artists joined by an exceptional support network of staff, contractors, suppliers and printers.

To them, collectively, we owe everything.

And then, a treasured part of the mix, there are our customers. You have kept us going all these years with your enthusiasm and passion for our product. Over the years we have received thousands of letters and emails with ideas and good advice – you have made us feel like one big happy family and we have loved every minute of it – thank you.

However, now, in 2023, just shy of 30 years since we sold our first card for 50p, we are closing the doors. The past couple of years, with all the trading challenges, rising cost of supplies and general mayhem, have meant that we have been unable to keep the business profitable.

We are having a
with everything
Until the end of the month

You have until 31 May to order products direct from the company for the last time. We are anticipating a huge take up so please be patient as orders will take time to ship.  As always there will be free delivery for orders of £30 and over.  Here’s a link to your Partner’s company website :

We feel that we can be proud of all that we have achieved. So, here’s to remembering the good times.

Thank you for everything

Robin, Sheila and Stuart”

So What Happens Next?

I, personally, as Sarah Loves Cards, will continue to supply my customers with Flamingo Paperie products both direct and at events for as long as my stock allows. I estimate that I have enough stock to last me until the end of 2024. Once the online sale is over and the Flamingo Paperie business is closed down I will publish a blog explaining how you can purchase from me. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email me at SARAH.L.GIFFORD@GMAIL.COM

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Earn more money from home during the pandemic

Image of friends and family who could earn more money

Flexible way to earn more money

The coronavirus crisis has resulted in financial difficulties for many and the need for an additional income stream. If you’re looking for a flexible way to earn more money to top up your family income then please read on.

Closure of the high street and the massive increase in online shopping has actually benefited the Flamingo Paperie business operation because we are one of only a handful of companies selling British designed greeting cards online. Instead of selling through shops we sell our products through a network of distributors either online via our personal websites and social media accounts or with the use of catalogues, stock baskets and events (when allowed).

Free website for all new joiners

Every new joiner receives a full e-commerce website with a personalised web address from Day 1. Full training and support will be given if required. You earn 20% commission on all website sales. Non website sales will generate a profit of between 30% and 44%.

Additional ways to earn more money

An additional  5%-15% retail bonus is available if you achieve certain sales levels. You can also earn more money by recruiting. You can earn an additional 5% sponsor bonus if you build a team and introduce new distributors to the business. These additional income levels will reward you for the extra work that you put in. This means that the more active you are, the more you earn.

Excellent value for customers

Our greeting cards offer fabulous value too. You would have to spend between £3 and £5 for a similar quality card in the high street. By comparison our cards are retailed at £2 each or £1.60 each if our customers buy 10 or more (which they frequently do). Follow this link to see a few of our current best sellers. Delivery is free for all online customer orders of more than £30.

More than 95% of our products are designed and printed in the UK using UK-sourced environmentally accredited materials. We have put a “recycle” message on the back of all of our cards because it reminds our consumers to put them in the recycle bin. We work with all of our suppliers to ensure that the material we purchase comes from independently certified and well-managed forests. This is because these suppliers reject illegal and/or destructive logging and are regulated by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). We also favour the exclusive use of vegetable-based inks.

Three great value starter packs

When you join us you can choose from three great value starter packs:-

Pack 3 at £200 – Our best value pack includes £367 of fabulous Flamingo Paperie products. It also contains £60 of business sales aids and brochures (pictured below).

Pack 2 at £95 – A good option to test the water, this pack includes £144 of Flamingo Paperie products, £32 of business sales aids and brochures.

Pack 1 at £45 – This pack includes just £54 of fabulous Flamingo Paperie products plus £14 of business sales aids and brochures.

Contents of Starter Pack 3 that would help you to earn more money

Special promotion for new joiners

I am currently running a special promotion. If you join my team with a Pack 3 before the end of December 2020 I will send you a Paper Craft Kit of your choice. Families in isolation love our selection of paper craft kits because they offer hours of entertainment for all ages.

If you love paper stationery and sending cards then you’ll love being a Flamingo Paperie Partner. You will be able to purchase a constant stream of exclusive new designs at cost price for your own use.

Earn more money for your favourite charity

Some partners choose to be a Flamingo Paperie partner because they want to fundraise for a favourite charity rather than earn more money for themselves. Please message me If you’d like more information about this side of the business.

Like to know more?

If you’d like to know more about the opportunity then please fill in the form below. Alternatively, if you’ve heard enough and you’re itching to get going then you can join me now

    Welcome to Sarah Loves Cards

    Sarah Loves Cards

    Welcome to Sarah Loves Cards and thank you for visiting my Sarah Loves Cards website and blog. I have been running my Paper Stationery business since 2005 operating as a Flamingo Paperie Partner for the last 5 years following the demise of Phoenix Trading for whom I was a distributor for 13 years. I was, as you can imagine, devastated when Phoenix Trading went into administration back in 2017.  After five years, Flamingo Paperie has also sadly been forced to cease trading. The past couple of years, with all the trading challenges, rising costs of supplies and general mayhem, have meant that the Directors have been unable to keep the business profitable.

    Like Phoenix Trading, the Flamingo Paperie business was focused on greeting cards, wrapping paper and notecards  all year round. And in the Autumn/Winter; Charity Christmas Cards, Advent Calendars and Advent Calendar Cards.  Over the past couple of years Flamingo Paperie has also successfully developed a range of Paper Craft Kits and Colour-In Paper Stationery.

    So what now for Sarah Loves Cards?

    As one of the main distributors for Flamingo Paperie I am carrying a lot of stock. I will continue to supply my customers and I will attend my regular fairs until I have sold it all. I estimate that my stock will keep me going until the end of 2024.

    Exciting Developments for 2024

    I am delighted to announce that a new Greeting Card wholesale business has risen from the ashes of Flamingo Paperie called Lilac Tree Designs. They have recruited me as a Front Line Agent. The Directors are using the same printers as Flamingo Paperie and many of the same artists so we will be able to continue to offer the quality that you have come to expect from us. Sarah Loves Cards (as an Agent) will continue to fly the flag for British design as all of the cards from Lilac Tree Designs are produced in the UK. All of the range has been produced using UK sourced, environmentally accredited materials.

    At the end of this year I will cease attending fairs and markets. I will, however, continue selling paper stationery via my website. I also plan to do a couple of Open Houses a year for my local customers.

    Sarah Loves Cards Championing British Art and Design