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Social Media – my window to the world outside!

You can feel quite isolated working at home but Facebook has opened up my world and has had a huge impact on my business. I have three types of Facebook pages :-

  1. My Personal Facebook Profile which I use to communicate with family and friends and to build relationships with new customers and acquaintances.
  2. My Business Facebook Fan Page. I use this page to inform my “Phoenix Fans” about events that I am attending, new product launches and promotions.
  3. My Closed Phoenix Team Page – this is a group page for my team and is by invitation only. I use it for team support and training. It enables me to communicate as easily with my team members in France as with my other Dorset based traders. The world is becoming an increasingly small place!

fun with social media card

Fun with #SocialMedia Card


I had an “online” meeting last month for an hour via my group Facebook page with 10 team members from across the UK. We just “chatted” away via the messaging facility and shared our thoughts, concerns and experiences on a chosen topic. A great way to help the team to bond with each other.
I would encourage anybody working from home, who hasn’t yet signed up to Facebook, to take the plunge. It is not as scary as some people make out.

Just be careful with your settings and follow a few simple rules when posting:

  • Don’t tell the world and his dog that you are away for a few weeks. I always wait until I return to tell my Facebook friends about my holidays and outings.
  • Always remember who your audience is. It’s not really a good idea to post photos of you and your friends skinny dipping in the South of France
  • Avoid bad language!
  • Be disciplined. You can very easily lose hours surfing on Facebook without realising. I try to limit my social media time to one hour max per day and aim to post one message per day per page.