Top 5 Flamingo Paperie Christmas Card Designs for 2020

Christmas Post DogFlamingo Paperie Christmas Brochure

Dogs rule in the Flamingo Paperie Christmas Card Top 5

This year, man’s best friend features in two of the top 5 Flamingo Paperie Christmas Card designs.

Our dog Rufus has been a god send during the past 8 months of Covid-19 restrictions. He has insisted on taking us for a walk everyday. Last weekend we had fun trying to replicate our brochure cover shot above. Rufus drew a line at carrying an envelope though!

Our Christmas Cards Don’t Just Look Good They Do Good Too

MacMillan Cancer Support, Together For Short Lives and Alzheimer’s Society all benefit from our Christmas Card sales this year. All of our Christmas Cards are in packs of 8 and carry a charity message , a “From Britain with Love” image and a recycle logo on the back.

So here’s the lowdown on the best selling Flamingo Paperie Christmas Cards so far:

This matt textured Christmas Tree design by Hilary Yafai (Product Code XC128) is in fifth position. Gold foiling on the stars really brings this design to life. The message inside reads “With Best Wishes” and is priced at £4.50 for a pack of 8.

Christmas Tree Card Design

How About Something Different? Build Your Own Festive Characters

In fourth place is this fabulous single pop-out Snowman card design by artist Emma Leach (Product Code XC101). This design has been die cut so that recipients can pop out the detail and dress their snowman. It is one of three pop-out “Build Your Own Festive Character” designs. There is also a portly Father Christmas version (Product Code XC100) and a Rudolph Get Ready design (Product Code XC062). At just £2 or £1.60 if you select 10+ individual designs, they represent excellent value for what is a very special card. Each card has a brown kraft envelope and a “Merry Christmas” message inside.

Pop Out Christmas Card designs

Pop Out Snowman Card Design

The Top Three Flamingo Paperie Christmas Cards Designs for 2020 :

This fabulous 3″ x 8″ matt die-cut Christmas Post design by artist Tim Mason is currently in third position (Product Code XC132). With its cut out railings and traditional colours it is my card of choice this season and comes in a pack of 8 for £4.50.

Christmas Post Card design

This fun 6″x6″ Christmas Reindeer design by artist Mikki Butterley (Product Code: XC063) is in second place. Also available in a pack of 8 cards for £4.50, red eco-flitter (environmentally friendly red glitter) brings the design to life. The message inside reads “Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year”.

Christmas Reindeer Card Design

The Number 1 sales spot currently falls to artist Karen Tye Bentley’s 3″ x 8″ fun Dog Line Up design (Product Code XC133). Also in a pack of 8 cards for £4.50 the message reads “With Best Wishes”.

Dog Line Up Card Design

Designed in the UK

100% of all our greeting cards are designed and printed in the UK. This gives our range a quirky “Britishness”  that the large American card manufacturers, who supply our high street, are unable to replicate.

Flamingo Paperie and the Environment

We are continually working to improve our environmental credentials. Best practice is applied to all issues that affect the environment. For instance we work with our suppliers to ensure that our raw materials only come from independently certified and well-managed forests which reject illegal and/or destructive logging. Vegetable-based inks are used in production and all products are printed using low, or no, alcohol printing techniques. This is because it eliminates the Volatile Organic Compound emissions that are harmful to health and contribute to global warming and the destruction of the ozone layer. We also encourage recycling by the consumer by having a  ‘recycle’ message on the back of our cards.

We are particularly proud that all of our Christmas Cards and Wrapping materials are recyclable. All glitter is in fact “bio-flitter” and is a vegetable derivative. It is biodegradable in marine and waste water and sourced from renewable and environmentally sustainable raw materials. For further information about our eco credentials please follow this link.

I hope I have tempted you with our top 5 Christmas designs. This is just a tiny selection of what we have on offer this Christmas season. All of our designs are exclusive to Flamingo Paperie and are not available in the shops. To view our full range of Christmas cards, advent products, giftables and wrapping materials please visit my e-commerce website.

Please note that this top 5 selection is based on customer orders received via our e-commerce websites during the month of September 2020.

Would you like to sell these lovely cards yourself? I am looking for new team members to join my team. For more details about becoming a Flamingo Paperie Partner please visit this link.

Our Very Own Flamingo Paperie Floral Card Show

Flamingo Paperie Floral Supplement Cover Photo

As a nod to the first ever Virtual Chelsea Flower Show we are bringing you our very own Floral Card Show. Floral and Nature cards have always sold very well for us at Flamingo Paperie.

During the Spring and Summer months you will normally find our stalls gracing the lawns and marquees of garden shows around the country. Sadly such gatherings are not allowed this year. We have therefore decided to bring all of our floral and nature cards together into one supplement .


Die-Cut Floral Card Range


Our floral card selection opens with this pretty series of four 6 x 6 ” die-cut matt textured cards called Three Flower Jars. It is by one of our most popular artists Gerry Murray.

Die Cut flower vase card selection

Short of time?

I have made up a pack of  ten of my favourite designs from our Florals and Nature Supplement. Each pack costs £16 + £2.80 delivery. To order a pack simply fill in the form at the bottom of this page and I will contact you to take payment.

Each pack contains the following ten designs.

Eight floral cards :

Jug of Flowers Card Design

Another beautiful die-cut design by artist Gerry Murray. This Jug of Flowers design  (Code FP6039) features a pastel pink selection of roses and lilies. Again 6 x 6″ and matt textured.

Bluebell Woods card Design


I love this 7 x 5″ Bluebells card design (Code : FP7031) by Alison Vickery. It reminds me of hours spent foraging for wild garlic in our local bluebell woods. It was the highlight of our daily outing during the recent lockdown. Wild Garlic and Cheese Scones became part of our staple diet for four weeks as well as Wild Garlic soup.

Hedgerow Posy Design

The above 7 x 5″ Hedgerow Posy design (Code FP7047) is by one of our most popular artists Karen Tye Bentley. It is one of my favourite floral card designs this year. The design is beautifully subtle and extremely versatile due to its simplicity.

Three Pots Card Design

Pot plants are very ‘a la mode’ again. I have therefore chosen two very different pot plant cards for my top 10. Both are very attractive in their own way. This striking 5 x 7″ dye cut traditional Three Pot Plants design (Code FP7011) by Laura Stone is a fast seller at my events.

Plants In Pots Design

By contrast, this contemporary graphic 5 x 7″ Plants In Pots  design (Code FP7046)  by artist Sophie Hanton has a younger feel. It is a massive hit with my teenage daughter. She and her friends are all cultivating cacti on their bedroom window sills at the moment.

Lavender Card Design


This 5 x 7″ double-sided matt textured Lavender card design (Code FP7045) is by artist Kate Green. I think it is absolutely stunning and beautifully delicate.

Buttercups and Daisies Card Design

This beautiful 5 x 7″ Butterflies and Daisies design (Code: A188) is by Jules Watson. It has been a long standing favourite with my regular customers. Can’t you just feel the sun on your back when you look at it?!

Blue Alliums Card Image


This 5 x 5″ matt textured and flittered Blue Alliums design (Code: WS379) is also by popular artist Gerry Murray. It has a beautiful sparkle to it and looks extremely stylish.

Plus Two Beautiful Landscapes :

White Cliffs Card Design


The above 5 x 5″ White Cliffs design (Code: FP5092)  is by artist Claire Henley. It has been particularly popular over the past few months as we have commemorated the 75th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War. I find it particularly poignant as it was the last sight that I saw of England when I left for a year working in France at the tender age of 20. Similarly it was my first sight upon returning.

Looking Out To Sea Card Design


After weeks of lockdown who wouldn’t dream of finding themselves sitting in one of these deckchairs? This beautiful 6 x 6″ Looking Out To Sea design ( Code: FP6114) by artist Claire Henley has , not surprisingly, been one of my best sellers in recent weeks.

Like to Sell These Lovely Floral Card Designs Yourself?

For information about how you could earn more during these financially challenging times by selling our cards yourself please visit this click on this link.

Order these 10 beautiful Floral and Nature cards today for just £16 + £3 delivery :


Flamingo Paperie Launches Humorous Guest Card Range


Humorous Card Manufacturer ‘Emotional Rescue’ has teamed up with Flamingo Paperie this month to bring a bit of fun back into our lives. Emotional Rescue has been the UK’s number one humour card brand for over 30 years. If you’re talking laughs, then you have to be talking Emotional Rescue!  They are the UK’s leading humour publisher with a vast array of commercial, punchy and extremely funny greeting cards.

Many of you will be missing these fun designs that are normally readily available in the high street. With Father’s Day around the corner we thought we’d lend a hand and bring  their range of funny cards direct to your door.

We have three categories to choose from on our website :

Father’s Day

We have a range of 30 humorous Emotional Rescue Father’s Day cards, all available to view in this Father’s Day supplement. As you will be aware, the coronavirus has lead to much longer deliver times. I would therefore recommend that, if you are planning to include a Father’s Day card in your order, then you should place your order before the 5th June .

Here’s a couple of my favourites:

Our children frequently giggle at my husband’s faux pas when it comes to all things internet and mobile phone related.

Father's Day technophobe card design

As a cat lover I had to show you this one too. My husband frequently complains about the damage to the house and furniture caused by our daughter and our Ginger Tom Rolo. Another grumble too is the fact that they both ignore him (unless he’s preparing food of course)!

Homourous Cat Father's Day card design

Humorous Everyday Cards

We will be offering a range of Emotional Rescue Birthday Cards and Humorous Everyday Cards as well until the end of June. Here’s just a couple of my favourites to tempt you.

My husband and I frequently have words in the car on long journeys because he doesn’t trust the Sat Nav!

Sat Nav themedd homourous card design

And who has left over wine? Once a bottle is open in our house it’s pretty much gone I’m afraid!

Leftover Wine Homourous Card

We’ve produced a supplement of our range of Emotional Rescue Everyday Cards for you to flick through.

Half-hearted apologies for some of the humour being a little bit cheeky; nothing that you wouldn’t find in a Great British pantomime!  We realise it’s not our normal vibe but hopefully this will be its appeal. When it comes to Father’s Day cards, Emotional Rescue refreshes the parts other Flamingo Paperie designs fail to reach!  It’s fun and it’s experimental for us. We hope it gives you a giggle too! We certainly all need it don’t we!

Please note that these cards are not part of the 10-or-more at £1.60 each price deal. They are all priced individually and are available to purchase along with the rest of our Flamingo Paperie range on my e-commerce website.

Fancy Selling Our Cards Yourself?

For information about how you could earn more during these financially challenging times by selling our cards yourself please visit this blog post.

Kind Regards